First dates!

worst first dates

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Ah! The anxious feeling of how he/she maybe, what if she/he isn’t good enough, what if I ain’t good enough, should we split the bill and all sorts of crazy things that go through your mind while you are on your first date. It’s good when all ends well but a surviving a bad date is one of the most horrible experiences. What is the most terrible date that you have ever been to? Courtesy Jimmy Fallon, these people took to twitter to talk about their #worstfirstdate experiences and they are damn funny. Check it out.

A date with the Walrus, eh!?


If you are gonna be nasty then atleast be sneaky, duh!



What can I say? I have a large appetite!


From over-sharing to over-caring…



Too soon, darling…





Ouch again!





That’s how you seal the deal?


Ew! Gross!


Or maybe up your….


Ew! Ew! Ew!



What are the worst first dates that you have had? Share your experience with us and we will share your funny comments on our blog!

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