So you have saved and saved but never really made it to your dream destination. A leisurely vacation here and there but never that all out trip around the world. We know what it feels like. Most of us have been there. To battle the obstacles and to give your resolve a massive blow, we present you some mind blowing images of popular landmarks in the world.

You often come across the mockery that ‘one could look up any place on Google Earth but we always checkout what our home’. Yes, it’s correct. We try to find what our tiny house looks like from a far far away satellite hovering in space.

But the amazing fact is that we can really go anywhere on the earth via Google Earth. You just have to type in a name and poof, you are watching your dream destination from up and above! To boost this thought, we bring to you the most Famous places on Google Earth. And let me tell you, it’s amazing!

P.S.: Watch them in BIG screen.





Arena Di Verona


The Big Ben


The Buckingham Palace


Capitol Hill