Among the various  jobs in the world, a teacher’s job is the most challenging one.   In most jobs money speaks. Success of a person is measured by the amount he earns but for a teacher, it’s the students’ success that is their own.  When we were young, we used to develop wrong thoughts when our teachers would scold or rebuke us but with time we have grown to realise their worth and importance. Now we understand why being a teacher is the toughest.

Homework has been a serious burden that we all have gone through as a student. We often cursed our teachers for this. But have you ever thought how they manage to deal with our nonsense everyday? How they would go through every notebook and correct every mistake judiciously? No complains there!

checking homework

It was difficult for us to learn a tough subject but the most difficult part is of the teacher to make us understand it.  They had to invent new ways to make sure every student gets it.


Irritating our teachers and playing pranks on them was so much fun. The teachers handled it with grace, being not too easy and not to harsh on you; the perfect balance.


Haven’t we all by mistake called out to our teachers as ‘Mamma’ instead of Madam? And haven’t they lovingly smiled at us for making such an adorable mistake?


Dealing with an entire bunch of hooligans at school and then going back home to deal with their own kids. You think that’s easy?


Parents Teacher’s meeting was a nightmare for us and it was the same for our teachers. Yes! Imagine how nervous they would be to answer your parents about your poor grades.

teacher talking to parent

Punishments were a way to discipline and improve you. It was no fun for them either.


The hardest part for a teacher is when the student fails. It is their failure too. But they would never fail to inspire you and work harder.


A teacher’s job might not be a well paid one as compared to others, but the respect earned is incomparable. Call up your teacher today and tell how much you love them. Tell them that they have managed to make an indelible mark in your life. Tell them how important they are. Happy Teacher’s Day.

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