As you wake up from the weekend slumber and scroll through numerous social network platforms of your; you will find a new hashtag popping up everywhere – #magicbus.

Magic bus is an NGO that steers children through their childhood towards a better future with great opportunities and chances of a better livelihood. With 40 sessions per year they teach children about education, gender, health and key issues affecting them. Volunteers are coached as mentors for the children such that they take the leap of success into further studies and employment.

magic bus


Have a look at their Activity based learning session.

Magic bus has reached upto 250,000 children in 2015 and they want to do more. For more, they need your help and that is where the hashtag comes into play.

Everytime you use #magicbus on any of your social network platforms, a rupee gets donated for the betterment of the underprivileged children of India. So come on guys and girls, get your fingers working and #magicbus!

Celebs are doing it already. Watch!

#magicbus speed the word guys. @magic.bus

Posted by Abhishek Bachchan on Sunday, December 13, 2015


And that is not it. Electro house DJ and music producer, Robbert van de Corput aka Hardwell is also hashtaging #magicbus. #IAmHardwell concert in India raised huge amounts of money for Magic bus.

So keep hashtaging all day everyday and spread the word!

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