It’s time you move your ass from in front of the TV and just stop! But not yet! The top web series to watch this season will replace you usual list but increase your binge. From live-in relationships to men having periods, internet has done it all. Help yourself, ladies and gentlemen!

Bring On The Night

The Show is about a group of friends turning a heritage building into a night club and then one day everything goes nuts because of One Of Them! Things turn sour between the friends with some added political goons in the City of Mumbai!

Man’s World

Under Yashraj Production, Man’s world shows you the world if and when, men turn into women. The roles get reversed and Men go through every ‘woman’ stuff like Eve-teasing and Periods. Find out what happens.

Every Indian Husband

A marriage is where one person is right and the other is the Husband. This comical series shows Indian men trapped as husbands. A lesson for the singles, eh?

Bang Baaja Baaraat

When a guy from a small town working in an MNC meets a city girl and they decide to get married without much taan-jhaam. But then it’s India and there is no way a wedding can be hush-hush and sober. From screwed up relations to messed-up in-laws, this is another one from Yashraj. Watch out for cutie Ali Fazal and hottie Angira Dhar!

Bad Indian

Lost her job and her apartment and as Daddy puts it, ‘Can’t even manage to have a husband.’ Single brown girl problems, eh? Hilarious, oh yeah! Janaki Tambe, engineer-turned-actress-slash-filmmaker, plays the lead who is trying to live the American Dream.


Fashion Detective. Not sure what this is? Well, which is why you should watch this. Girl bonding, fashion, makeup, amazing clothes and interesting cases to solve. Alisha Luna, the lead and her Watson, Tanny, solve mysteries the Lakme way.


Inspired by Silicon Valley and adapted to the Indian audience, this series shows the hassles of starting a start-up faced by four friends and eventually realising what they actually want from Life.


Three university friends start a midnight food delivery service and there’s trouble. The midnight food thing is great and what’s life without some trouble!? Loved all over the country, Baked has managed to win hearts and you should go watch it too.

Writer’s Block

Kay and Gini move to La-la land! Los Angeles, guys! But the fame and money messes with their heads and so arrives the Writer’s block. They describe themselves as ‘people too naive to make it in Hollywood!’

Permanent Roommates

What happens when a couple who has been in a long distance relationship, finally face marriage? Tanya and Mikesh are going to give you amazing relationship goals, or not!

Now off you go and invade the internet for these amazing web series and let us know your favourites below.

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