This Sikh guy was asked to remove his turban at the airport for security purposes. Was this going to far or was it keeping the Federal security checks intact?

Sikh-American model and actor, Waris Ahluwalia, was not allowed to board the Aeroméxico flight on Monday morning because of the turban he was wearing. He was on his way to fly back from Mexico City. Apparently, the airline staff and security screeners asked him to buy a ticket on a different airline after he refused to remove the turban he wears as part of his faith.waris ahluwalia not allowed to board flight waris ahluwalia not allowed to board flight

His Instagram post reads,

Poor guy was on his way to join the New York fashion Week!

The Sikh American Legal Defense & Education Fund (SALDEF) has criticized the airline’s behavior towards Waris and issued a statement,

We are disappointed and concerned that Mr. Ahluwahlia was asked to remove his turban prior to boarding his flight. The turban is an integral part of a Sikh’s identity and removal in public is akin to a strip search. The security personnel involved in this debacle owe Mr. Ahluwahlia an apology and must be trained in cultural and religious awareness.

In response to which Aeroméxico took to their site to clear the air,

In connection with the case registered this morning at the Mexico City International Airport, and has been reported by various media, Aeromexico renews its commitment to carry all passengers without distinction in their religious, social or gender condition. However the airline is required to meet federal safety requirements determined by the Air Transport Authority of the United States (TSA) for review of selected passengers traveling to the United States. The airline regrets any inconvenience any passenger could be charged for the application of these procedures.

Waris is the first Sikh model to have featured in a nationwide ad. He has been chosen for best-dressed lists for Vogue, Vanity Fair and British GQ. You may have also seen him in the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

With all these laurels Waris still faced racism for his GAP modelling. The ads were ruined by terrible graffiti which were removed by GAP’s swift action. The Sikh community appreciated GAP”S efforts and responded with a #ThankYouGap campaign.

In talks with CNN, Ahluwalia said,

I was upset, I had anxiety, I was shaking, I did not speak,” Ahluwalia told CNN. “And then I realized, clearly, they have not been trained properly. I knew yelling will not do anything. It is about education and the policy.

This is his latest tweet on the situation. Waris is still stuck at Mexico city.

However, the internet is divided in its opinions about this. Some feel that security personnel should be trained as many such circumstances may arise while others feel that security shouldn’t be messed with. Waris too feels the same. He said to CNN that,

Travelers should be taken into a private area if they’re asked to remove their turban.

Let us know what you feel about this in the comments. Certainly, a very delicate situation but it does needs to be talked about in the open.

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