Ever since paparazzi spread the news of Virat Kohli dating Anushka Sharma, the internet has gone crazy over it. At first, it was all nice and rosy but with time, the true colours of the uneducated lot came to light. And finally, it’s enough. Virat Kohli slams haters for rude and unnecessary trolling of Anushka Sharma.

Virat’s performance has been time and again connected to Anushka and she has had to bear the brunt of being a celebrity in India. Fans have attacked her on the social network and blamed her for the lost matches and poor scores. Ruthless jokes and memes have endlessly floated on the internet for people to enjoy at her cost.

Fans have continuously trolled Anushka Sharma on Twitter and Facebook. They have even exceeded their limits and called her Panauti!

It’s sad to see that people with proper education and upbringing have such downtrodden mentality. For once, if we could have thought that celebrities are also normal people like us. Their life is constantly under a public scanner and we could try and not be assholes.

But, it seems all these trolls have had is a qualification and not an education. So Virat decided he has had enough and it’s time for him to teach them a lesson. He posted a picture of a wall with SHAME written on it. HE also tweeted that “She has always only given me positivity”…

Virat also took to Instagram to post an elaborate message, “If anything she has only motivated and given me more positivity.”

Earlier. he posted another picture on Instagram asking trolls to tone down the fun and do something constructive with their life.

Seriously people, it’s enough now. We all enjoy jokes but not at the cost of other people. Even big shot celebrities get bothered and at times saddened by rude remarks. Let’s not make our fun a nuisance for someone else…