Recently in the news for his hurtful comments towards ‘best friend’ Sachin, Vinod Kambli feels like he should always be making news which is why when Waqar Younis stepped down as the coach of Pakistan Cricket team, Vinod saw an opportunity.

Pakistan Cricket Board tweeted that they have the career opportunity of the Head Coach of the Pakistan Cricket Team. Vinod Kambli trolled

To this, Vinod tweeted to the famous Pakistani journalist, Asma Shirazi, that he was “available” for the post and seemed very eager!

When Asma tweeted back just a thumbs up, Vinod could have been disappointed but that is exactly when the trolls came in and made it a day! You have got to see it to believe it!

However, there was one Indian and one Pakistani who felt that Kambli is actually suited for the post of the head coach and PCB should consider him.

Dude tweeted him the pamphlet on which PCB had advertised for the opening. I guess, now Vinod Kambli can send in his resume.

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