I swear, this is going to shock the hell out of you! This person doused in green lacquer is none other than Vidya Balan. I am not kidding you! vidya Balan Kahaani 2

Director Sujoy Ghosh took to twitter to create a massive ripple by posting this scary picture from the sets of Kahaani 2. The director and actress Vidya Balan have been shooting for the sequel of the movie Kahaani. Remember the one in which a falsely pregnant Balan takes on a incognito criminal. Oh ofcourse you do! Who can ever forget Vidya Balan in the climax scene ripping out the prosthetic belly and jabbing the foot of the baddy with her hair pin! That was some badass stuff she did. vidya Balan kahaani 2 vidya Balan kahaani 2


And now they are shooting for the next part of the fantastic movie but strangely Balan is all green in it  :mrgreen:

What could possibly be the reason? Has she been posing as a green Greek Goddess similar to what Hrithik did in Dhoom 2? We don’t know but we would certainly want to!

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