Jack the Ripper was one of the most infamous unidentified serial killers active during 1888. His modus operandi was slitting his victims throats and severely mutilating their body, especially the abdomen. He would also carve out the organs and take them as trophies. The victims were impoverished prostitutes living in the slums of London. On this day, Jack’s first victim Mary Ann Nichols was discovered in a horrified state. We bring to you the gore of all the accounted victims of Jack the Ripper.

Mary Ann Nichols

5 feet 2 inches tall, brown eyes and greying dark brown hair. Her father described her as ‘ten years younger’ than her actual age. She was killed by a slash to the throat and her abdomen was mutilated by an uneven cut going downwards which was made extremely violently. Blood from her butchered throat had soaked her clothes and hair. She died immediately and abdominal carvings were made after that. Police found a huge amount of coagulated blood underneath her body. Postmortem report revealed that she was grabbed at the neck and an incision was made below her right jaw to severe vertebral tissues. The cut was made by a long-bladed knife slightly blunt knife which made the killer use a lot of force. She was missing five teeth and a bruise on the right side of her face suggested that she was beaten up.

Marry Ann

Annie Chapman

5 feet tall, had blue eyes and wavy dark brown hair. She was found with her face swollen, throat slit, tongue protruding and body horribly dismembered. Killer used a narrow bladed sharp knife indicating extraordinary surgical instrument or slaughter knife. She was disemboweled and her innards were strewn around her body. Her uterus was carefully carved out of her body specifying that the killer had anatomical knowledge. The state of her tongue and face showed that she was asphyxiated with the handkerchief that she was wearing. No blood trail suggested that she was killed at site and there were no signs of struggle.


Elizabeth Stride

5 feet 2 inches tall, had curly dark brown hair, light grey eyes and a pale complexion. She was wearing a silk handkerchief when she was found with her her throat slit like the others with major arteries and vessels completely damaged causing a haemorrhage. The cuts were clean and deep to make sure to cause extreme damage. Her front upper teeth and all of the lower left jaw teeth were missing. Stride’s shoulders, collarbone and chest had blueish marks suggesting that she was hit.


Catherine Eddowes

5 feet tall, with dark auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a tattoo that read “TC”, in blue ink on her left forearm. Her clothes were lifted exposing her abdomen and thighs naked, face severely disfigured and throat slit. Her bowels were pulled out, smeared with dirt and scattered around her body. Her kidneys were sliced out and removed which might have taken some time showing that the killer was patient and meticulous.


Mary Jane Kelly

5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her hair colour is unknown due to her various nicknames like Black Mary, Fair Emma and Ginger. Kelly was killed in her apartment and found by her landlord when he went up to ask for rent. He peeked through the window and was horrified to see her severely mutilated body lying naked on her bed. The entire layer of the abdomen was removed along with all its constituents. Her neck and face were jabbed which lead to difficulty in recognising her. The viscera of the abdomen along with her severed breasts were placed at different placing around her body. For example the liver was placed between the feet and the uterus under the head. The skin of the abdomen and thighs were completely cut and spread out on a table. The costal arch was also operated upon leading to damage of the lugs and thorax. The killer took nearly three hours to complete this gruesome task and walked away with the heart.


Oh, and sweet dreams to you too!

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