All the drunk people in the house, raise your hands up in the air and don’t you dare put them on the steering wheel! Because Uber is gonna do that for you… Uber has launched a new initiative to drive you home safely when you are drunk AF. Uber has joined hands with local authorities in India and abroad to eliminate drunken driving. uber for drunk people


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All of this started when MADD (Mothers Against Drunken Driving) started educating drivers to be responsible and making better choices while intoxicated, such as picking a sober driver amongst them, using public transportation, hailing a cab or calling an Uber. The main idea is to not be behind the steering wheel if you are drunk. uber for drunk people

But what if you are alone? That is when you request an Uber! Some people believe that cabs, Uber and other carpooling services are decreasing a lot of drunk drivers on the road and consequent accidents. This was proved in a recent study conducted by MADD.

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It stated that Uber is now becoming a safety net for drunk people and they are requesting for an Uber cab every time they face an alcohol situation. The study was conducted in the area of Miami that showed that the number of Uber rides increased at the time of previously occurring drunken accidents. In other words, the peak time of alcohol-fueled accidents changed into the peak time when people requested for an Uber.

After a long time of bad impressions, Uber has finally seen some good light being shining on them. In the cities of California, Uber services are said to have reduced accidents by 3.6 percentage. This happens especially on weekends and holidays linked to a huge consumption of alcohol. uber for drunk people uber for drunk people uber for drunk people


Uber recently partnered with Mumbai traffic police to eliminate drunken driving by installing Uber Breathalysers in bars and pubs across the city. The first kiosk was installed in a nightclub in Phoenix Marketcity Kurla called Nook. Uber Breathalyser is a booth to analyse alcohol content in a person’s blood and give a signal according to it. RED means it’s over the legal limit and GREEN means it’s safe for the person to drive.

In case, of RED, the person is warned against driving and asked for requesting an Uber!

Shailesh Sawlani, General Manager of Uber Mumbai said,

Through this campaign, we aim to build awareness against drunk-driving and give people a convenient and reliable ride back home. We hope to work with the Mumbai traffic police to install these devices across all bars and pubs in the city.

Uber has announced a whopping $1 million for this very service and hoped to double it in return for five times the output.

So gone are the days when you would sweat bullets for drinking and driving. Gone are the days when your heart was in your throat when you drunk AF friend says, “Saala, aaj to gaadi main chalaunga!”

Share this news with your buddies and tell them that, “Bhai, ab to Uber se jayenge and papa ki laath bhi nahi khayenge!”  😀

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