So Gurgaon has been renamed as Gurugram. Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not an Instagram update! Legend has it that the village was gifted to Guru Dronacharya as Gurudakshina by the Pandavas, hence the name – Gurugram. Over the time, the name got twisted to Gurgaon but BJP government has taken the onus to rectify it!

The Haryana government said that it was the people who demanded the change and they obliged. Oh really? The people have been wanting a lot of changes regarding rapes and murders. We don’t see that going anywhere!

Since the government won’t oblige to the urgent and actual needs of the citizens, Twitter has decided to rub it in their faces. The reaction to Gurgaon name change is rib-tickling. Twitter went absolutely ballistics over this issue and has been raining jokes. We picked out the best ones for ya… Cheers man!

Shakespeare just turned in his grave!

*Sniff* Gurgaon name change

Click click click

Ouch! Gurgaon name change

Yo Yo!

Gooroo… Graaem!

The limit doesn’t exist!

Do not Enter!

Priorities people

I told ya, it isn’t an update!

No Gurgaon No problems!

This one takes the cake!

So how do you feel about the name change? Did you crack any funny one liners on twitter? Share it with us. We can’t change the name back to Gurgaon, so we might as well enjoy Gurugram!