A really good high, without the right kind of music to accompany it, is always gonna leave you feeling like something’s missing. Especially more so cause music has an inherent tendency to enhance the effects of intoxication and make that trip even more amazing!

Stoner music

Now we all know of the popular and most commonly known “stoner music”, from Pink Floyd to Bob Marley to Cypress Hill and so on! But let me introduce you to a few, not so common songs you can try listening to, when you’re stoned out of your mind. I doubt most people are aware of most of these, but trust me when I say these are gonna completely change the experience you have the next time you light up!

1. Angel – Massive Attack Stoner music

With it’s slow, intoxicating beats, combined with Horace Andy’s hypnotic vocals, this sinful song is bound to take you to a whole different place altogether!

2. Tessellate – Alt-J Stoner music

This song is best enjoyed during cold, foggy, winter mornings, cruising slowly in your car, with the wind in your face. You’ll be humming along to this in no time!

3. 3 Libras – Acoustic Version – A Perfect Circle Stoner music

The instrumental build up to Maynard James Keenan’s droning, enigmatic voice, full of slow burning rage, is going to make you experience things you’ve never thought of before!

4. Arriving somewhere but not here – Porcupine Tree Stoner music

Steven Wilson’s masterpiece combines his characteristic melancholic undertones with his clean, crisp voice will draw you in slowly, and you’ll get lost in its labyrinth!

5. 10000 Days (Wings Part 2) – Tool

Maynard’s vocals again! Listen to this song at night, with headphones on, after you’ve smoked a joint. Sure to send chills down your spine!

6. Nature of inviting – IAMX Stoner music

A very different song from the first few, this one is going to force you to groove to the beats as Chris Corner drags you into subjects of sex, death, obsession and alienation.

7. Concrete Walls – Fever Ray Stoner music

This dark, emotional song invokes deep feelings of pain, and suffocation in a dystopic society, enhanced by Karin Dreijer Andersson’s heavily distorted, almost Goblin-like vocals. Sure to get you mesmerised!

8. Gooey – Glass Animals Stoner music

This song is for when you want to explore your indulgent side! Drawing on the subject of the 7 sins, Gooey is a psychotropic journey defined by the almost tribal-ish synth-pop beats, paired with David Bayley’s lighter, soothing voice.

9. Whiskey Sunsets – Moon Taxi Stoner music

A breath of fresh air in the world of modern music, Whiskey Sunsets will make you fall in love with its high energy, feel-good music. With an incredibly uplifting vocal style, this one’s sure to get you euphoric!  Stoner music

That brings us to the end of our list! Now go light up that joint, add these to your playlist, and cruise off to wherever the trip takes you!

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