The Mahamana Express is the newest, tri-weekly, superfast train service of Indian Railways, which connects Varanasi and New Delhi in just 14 hours. The 18-coach train was flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 22nd, and was extremely well received,  for its redesigned, swanky interiors, and several upgraded features, all part of the Railways plan to introduce 111 new coaches with enhanced amenities.

Equipped with features like controlled discharged water tap, new toilet modules, exhaust fans, LED lights, snack tables for side berth passengers and use of fire retardation materials, this train was a much needed relief from the ones plying earlier.

However, within just 1 week, the train has been transformed from swanky, spotless, wonder, to stinky, deplorable filth by the passengers.

Photos taken by the newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar, show how utterly unrecognizable the train has become.

Mahamana Express

From peanut shells and used newspapers, to empty beer bottles, the compartments have been filled with trash and litter left behind by the passengers!

Mahamana Express

And if that wasn’t all, one of the photos, apart from a clogged basin, show that even tap and toilet kits have been stolen by passengers, with no concern about the facilities given to them.


Anguished and utterly disappointed by the state of the train, people took to Twitter urging others to maintain its upkeep.


We’ve gotten so used to blaming the authorities for evrything, that we’ve evn stopped thinking about our own actions. We should be ashamed if this is how we treat public property, especially one that is the latest in the line, and is supposed to bring even more, revamped, superfast trains.  The most the government can do is provide us with the best facilities. However, it’s our civic duty to keep it clean and behave like responsible citizens.

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