On the beach of Argentina, tourists kill baby Dolphin while trying to take selfies with it. Selfie crazy people were taking their own lives and now they are killing poor defenceless animals!

Baby Dolphin killed by tourists

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An endangered baby Dolphin was taken out of water in a beach in Argentina and passed around among tourists for petting and pictures.

Beach resort town, Santa Teresita is drawing a lot of flak from animals lovers and activists from all over the world. They are deeply saddened amnd agitated by this kind of ruthless behaviour. Argentine Wildlife Foundation (AWF) released a statement urging tourists to help Dolphins to return to the sea if and when found on the shore. They have asked people to refrain from such careless attitude.

Earlier, marine animals had trouble due to Gill Nets which would trap them or injure them. Nowadays, beach goers ans swimmers are proving to be equally hazardous. It was seen that a man picked the Dolphin up and soom a mob gathered around him to touch it.

Franciscana dolphins or La Plata dolphins are the only dolphins to live in both freshwater and saltwater. They are only 30,000 in number and inhabit Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Argentine Wildlife Foundation said that La Plata Dolphins have been categorized as Vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species.


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No one interrupted the crowd to save the baby Dolphin. Ultimately, it was left on the beach covered in mud. It lay there motionless and soon died. The baby Dolphin was killed by tourists who instead of admiring nature’s beauty from a distance, decided to take things into their own hands.

One has to be a special kind of stupid to do such brainless things and the Selfie-craze is one menace that is taking too many lives. Beware and please, take care of yourself and others.

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