Erotica is about thirst, thrust and much more. Erotica in literature is an art. An art mastered by many and presented to you on paper (and kindle!) to relish while keeping those tissues handy – to wipe that sweat soaking your sheets. Watching pornography might get you into trouble but erotica doesn’t always fetch you judgemental looks. Even if it does, always know that those judgemental eyes have also been awake staring at pages dipped in some dirty zest.

Get your reading list updated and start binging on these top erotic novels that readers from all around the world have voted for. They are romantic, seductive, arousing and downright nasty. Just the way you like.

50 Shades of grey by E. L. James

His arms are wrapped around me, and he’s pulling me to him, hard, fast, gripping my ponytail to tilt my head up, kissing me like his life depends on it … He drags the hair tie painfully out of my hair, but I don’t care. He needs me, for whatever reason, at this point in time, and I have never felt so desired and coveted.


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The crossfire series by Slyvia Day

It’s probably best for me to work off some energy before I get you naked. I’m sure you’d like to be able to walk tomorrow


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Delta of Venus by Anais Nin

I want to fall in love in such a way that the mere sight of a man, even a block away from me, will shake and pierce me, will weaken me, and make me tremble and soften and melt.


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Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller

To have her here in bed with me, breathing on me, her hair in my mouth—I count that something of a miracle.


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The Sexual life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet

I heard André’s voice saying his girlfriend wouldn’t be bashful in coming forwards, and his words sounded a little muffled because I did indeed already have my T-shirt over my head.


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Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence

She would have thought a woman would have died of shame. Instead of which, the shame died.

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Thoughtless by S. C. Stephens

I need you. Let me do this. I can make you forget him. I can make you forget you.


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Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

Look at me. I want to see your eyes when you come.

Top erotic novels

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On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Babe, nice lingerie is for seducing a man. I’m already fucking seduced.

Top erotic novels

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Have we given you enough for now? Go on. Hurry and start reading. You might as well get some ideas.

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