The present ruling party of Delhi, the Aam Admi Party was launched on the 26th of November 2012. Having been formed with the differences between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal regarding politicising the ‘India against corruption’ movement, it is still one of the leading parties. Today on its birth anniversary. Let us take a look at the number of times AAP made it to the headlines.

OP Sharma’s sexiest remarks at AAP MLA Alka Lamba

The lawmaker of Bhartiya Janata Party, OP Sharma was suspended. He has been arrested on Tuesday, 24th of November for some offensive remarks made to the MLA of Aam Admi party Alka Lamba. As per sources, he will remain behind the bars till Thursday for his comment [sic] ‘Ye toh raat bhar ghumne wali’, which means a woman of loose morals.

Legislator Sarita Singh reported to have been misbehaving with police

According to sources, the legislator of AAP Sarita Singh’s driver hit the motorcycle of a cop while reversing his car. The officer is said to have been on duty for security management of a marriage party. When his bike was hit by the car, he had to jump off to save himself. This was the point when conflicts arose and the legislator was heard to abuse the ASI.



Aam Admi Party beats BJP on election

The news of the 10th of February astounded everyone. Kejriwal’s AAP beat Modi’s BJP on election. Since it was a question as to who would be the owner of Delhi ki gaddi, the result was clear with the great success of the AAP in Delhi elections.


The Mahila Wing Organizational Structure of Aam Admi Party was announced

According to the AAP party president of the women’s wing of Punjab, Mr.Baljinder Kaur, the party should have a woman wing in Punjab. Gurpreet Brar Gill has been made the general secretary and Lakwinder Kaur and Raj Lalli Gill have been declared the joint secretaries for AAP.



BJP MLA OP Sharma calls Kejriwal Ravana for which the party demanded legal action

BJP MLA OP Sharma addresses AAP party leader Kejriwal as Ravana. He says Kejriwal is a person who keeps on lying because he does not know how to govern a state. He often gives wrong directions.


Arvind Kejriwal hails Aamir Khan’s remark on religious intolerance

Few days earlier, actor Aamir Khan said that violence in the name of religion is an offence and should not be accepted. Following this remark, Kejriwal supports the actor. He says, “Every word that Aamir Khan said is so true. I admire him for that.”


AAP Government’s app encourages citizens of Delhi

Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal has launched a new app to encourage the citizens of Delhi to keep the city clean. The mobile app “Swachh Delhi” will do its work by showing people how they can report garbage from any part of the Delhi.



AAP leader Mayank Gandhi resigns from being the party’s National Executive

AAP party leader Mayank Gandhi resigns from being the party’s National Executive. He says he lost interest in politics while as per reports there have been many disagreements between him and Delhi CM Kejriwal that gave rise to the cause.



AAP suspends Munish Kumar Raizada for anti-party activities

As per sources, he not only made the private affairs of the party public but also said to have misled the volunteers by projecting himself as the chief of the party’s International cell. He had illegally floated a website from which he used to get all the organisation related activities.



Somnath Bharti gets bail in Domestic Violence Case

The former law minister and AAP MLA Somnath Bharti gets bail on the 7th of October 2015. A complaint was lodged against him by his wife for domestic violence. Though initially the Supreme court had denied the same for having some documentary proof in favour of the complaint on September 22, he got the bail later in the next month.



Since 2012 AAP has been able to maintain a regular front page presence. Let’s see if they can manage to do so in the future.