Watching movies are an awesome experience to spend lazy hours at home. Some movies make us joyous and some leave us depressed. Movies that touch our hearts are usually those which make us feel good. The moment we watch it, we have a soothing experience. At the end of the day when you sit back and relax, you feel comfortable and keep on recalling what you have watched. Seems as if you never wanted the movie to end! These 15 feel good movies of Hollywood you would surely wanna watch.

Pride and Prejudice

The movie circles around Elizabeth Bennet, who meets rich and proud Mr. Darcy. They fall in love with each other. The woman belongs from the family of a landed gentry, a class much beyond Mr. Darcy where there are issues with marriage morality and misconceptions. What you need to see is how both the lovers overcome their pride to meet a lovely end.


Sleepless in Seattle 

A man loses his wife to cancer. How his young son Jonah starts to look for a new wife for his father to alleviate his loneliness is what turns the viewers on. Incredibly soothing!


Away We Go

A couple while expecting their first child is on their way to the US to look for a new place to start off with a family. On the way, overcome situations with the help of new relatives they discover. To know how their lives went smoother later in life, you’ve got to watch this.


Love Actually

The movie is a romantic comedy based on Christmas, which revolves around the story of 8 couples. How are they interlinked later in the story and what miseries they create is the main twist which will make you wonder the complexities and the possibilities.


About a Boy

How a little boy teaches a young immature grown-up guy to lead life properly as a responsible person is the part you would not want to miss.



The film starring Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy as two estranged brothers meet in the grounds of mixed martial arts tournament. How both of them come in terms with their lives and each others is something to watch out.


About Time

The protagonist of the movie Tim discovers that he can travel in time and can change things happening in his life. With a girlfriend, how Tim manages to turn life in his favour is interesting as well as intriguing. We think we want something but then…


Far and Away

Joseph and Shanon played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are in love with each other while at a certain point of time Joseph was left penniless. The viewers would crave to watch how the couple manages to make their life smooth and lives happily ever after.



Billy Beane is the General Manager of the basketball team in Oakland. Suddenly, he faces a tight budget and his business runs in loss. How he manages to settle down in life will show you what follows earnest struggle.



A Good Year

A British Investment Broker inherits his uncle’s vineyard in Province where he had spent his childhood. When he tries to renovate the estate to be sold, he finds a new way to his life. This is for all those who want to settle in the country someday.


Fried Green Tomatoes

This is the story of a housewife who is unhappy in his life. All of a sudden she finds an old lady with whom she become friends. How the housewife alleviates her loneliness by the stories narrated to her is a happy twist that must be watched.



This is a story of Nina and Jose. Nina loses her job as a waitress for being late. Jose as a cook and a co-worker consoles her and both of them share painful stories of their life. What Nina learns from Jose changes their lives forever!


Dan in Real Life

Dan, the widower falls in love with Marie, who is already engaged with Dan’s brother. What happens next will strike you off! You have just got to lay your faith on Ben Stiller to make you smile.



Midnight in Paris

This is a really interesting one that will make you watch it time and again. A nostalgic screenwriter goes to 1920s every day in the midnight, with a trip to Paris with his fiancee’s family. Mysterious isn’t it?


There is a reason we didn’t disclose the plot of this movie because we want you to watch it. We believe in the ‘no spoilers’ theory!

Tell us about your feel good movie and how it helped you overcome a dull time…