Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is probably the most famous person in the world right now. After his social media website took the world by storm, he’s been gradually building Facebook into a humongous superpower that could rival most of the organizations of the world. However, The Social Media Mogul has at times faced a lot of criticism too, say, when he tried to introduce Facebook’s Free Basics in India, or when people found out what working at Facebook is really like!

Mark Zuckerberg parody account
Picture Source Mark Zuckerberg parody account

However, that hasn’t stopped the 31-year-old genius from having had one of the most extraordinary success stories in the world. Communicating with his followers and fans through his Facebook Page, Zuckerberg constantly keeps updating us with his latest ideas, innovations, and achievements.

Mark Zuckerberg parody account

Picture Source Mark Zuckerberg parody account

Now all that is great and all, but at times, it gets a bit boring constantly reading about his lofty, pretentious life goals, or his latest accomplishments, right? Well, to bring a hilariously honest break to that, I came upon a Mark Zuckerberg parody account on Twitter, which constantly keeps tweeting funny but honest things that the Facebook CEO is likely to say, with a touch of sarcasm. I doubt Zuckerberg himself would be able to see the humor in this, but for the rest of us, we can definitely have a few chuckles to ourselves as we go through some of the Tweets!

1. A clever jab at Jesse Eisenberg!

2. Zuckerberg’s honest confession!

3. This sly dig at Google!

4. Zuckerberg stalking James Franko!

5. Facebook’s honesty as opposed to Snapchat!

6. The truth to this horrific realization!

7. Gluttony is a deadly sin, Mark!

8. Zuckerberg the all-too-realistic bully!

9. The scary truth revealed!

10. Zuckerberg out for a loot!

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