Bruce Lee, the martial arts genius, was born on 27 November in 1940. He was not only a Hong Kong American Martial artist but also an actor and the founder of Jeet Kune Do (go ahead, Google it!). Not only did he excel in Martial arts but also created history in movies and through his sketches. Oh yes!

Have a look!!!

Bruce was an amazing Cha-Cha dancer

Bruce Lee was an amazing Cha-Cha dancer and in 1958 he had won a competition while he was in high school.



Bruce Lee practiced 500 punches a day

As per sources, Bruce used to practice 500 punches a day!!!This explains why he was so powerful and could puncture cans with his fingers!



Bruce Lee’s unstoppable punch

Bruce Lee was a master in a continuous throw of unstoppable punches!


He gave his voice in most of the English movies of those times

He gave his voice in most of the English Movies that were released in the year before Enter the Dragon in the year 1973. One among those would be Way of the Dragon.



He had cut into a villain’s head in Bigg boss

A shot was removed from Bigg Boss fight in the ice factory where Bruce Lee had cut into an opponent’s head with a saw!


He was the first person to try contact lenses

Because Bruce had a poor eyesight, he was one of the person of those times to try on contact lenses, in spite of the fact that it was uncomfortable.



Bruce Lee used to lie to get private lessons

In order to excel in Martial Arts, Bruce Lee would often lie! He wanted those private one-to-one training from the expert trainer of those times, Wing Chun!



He got cheated out of playing Caine in the TV show Kung Fu

In the 70s TV series Kung Fu, Bruce Lee was initially approached for the lead role as Kwai Chang Caine. However, later on the directors refused to take him since they were not ready for the risk of casting an Asian male character in the film.


Bruce Lee was an amazing sketch artist

Not only in martial arts, Bruce Lee’s talent was shown in his sketches too! He loved to draw and what he made are sure to surprise everyone!!


Film Silent Flute was never made in his lifetime

Bruce Lee had written a script of Silent Flute, a film he had dreamt off. However, the same was never made during his lifetime. Later on the same was made in 1978, casting David Carradine and was titled as Circle of Iron.


He will always remain the ultimate fighter! He could literally crush the villain with his bare hands; what is not to like! Share this post with your buddies and see if they knew Bruce was an artist and dancer too!