Since ages, artists and painters have been creating master pieces with the magic of their talent. These days it’s mainly for parties; occasions like the Halloween night! However, these terrific face arts for Halloween makeup created by painters will leave you dumbstruck once you see them! Creepy as they are, you can’t help but appreciate the work. Halloween is closing in so you better catch up. Check out

Why settle with two eyes when you can have more? This makeup idea with an extra pair of eyes on the face is amazing and horribly scary, especially the stretched mouth. It looks like a crazy photoshopped face!


You scroll down and you see a pretty girl with big eyes and then you scroll further to see Blood Jam paint used to create a Joker effect! Blood clotted around the wound adds dimension to it. Pretty girl shouldn’t have been so serious!


A zombie in the making, ladies and gentlemen! With her skin just about to rip off and reveal her inner demon… Pretty huh! Would you care for a date? How about Friday, the 13th night?!


Scary and dangerous, one of a vampire kind, having a cross sign to symbolise the living dead. To arouse extreme fear she is dressed as if she is just coming out of the dead with a stab wound in her heart! You just can’t kill her off…


Aliens are back to take over. Hollywood has gone crazy with alien flicks so why can’t we? Notice the eyes are closed. How will it look when they open? Eyes inside eyes! Eyeception…


This would be like if zebras go crazy zombies. Oh those white eyeballs in the night!


Lady man-eater gets eaten herself! Or maybe she is an anatomy teacher trying to be extremely good at her job.


Oh the Eyeception! See what I am talking about?


It’s high time time this guy zips it up!


Amazingly painted and seems no human. The human beneath is very difficult to identify. Horrifying unrecognisable! Would work wonders if you wanna go Incognito!


Lady needs a good night’s sleep. Oh wait. that’s when she goes to work…


There’s nothing in the face. Literally! A beautifully painted rose designed on her face, seems like a classy flower vase.


Aliens never go out of fashion. E.T. is always in vogue. Oh, how we wish to fly with it across the moon…


There’s more fun in dressing up as Cheshire cat than as Alice. What say?


A stitch in time saves nine, says whoever. Well, these stitches certainly saved our damsel in distress, apart from the horrible disfigurement…


And last but not the least; our favourite, the ‘Corpse Bride’! Isn’t she beautifully haunting?

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