So Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor broke up (or not) as rumors go by. So What!? Most, importantly, who gives a damn!? And why the hell do you care?

Do u have as much money as they do?

A little research in and around Google will give you the idea how much Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are worth in terms of money. With movies and endorsements combined, Ranbir Kapoor is worth $ 30 millions and earns upto a rough 70 crores every year. As for Katrina, the net worth is $ 10 millions.


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Do u ride what they do?

Ranbir owns not one but two Audi R8s and a Mercedes G63 AMG Jeep. Katrina has an Audi Q3 and an Audi Q7, apart from lavish property in India, London and Dubai.


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The Truth

So how do they happen to earn so much, u wonder! By always being there! Whether it be in movies, ads, guest appearances in movies or TV shows, magazine covers, photo shoots or simply a rumor. The actor/actress should always be talked about. It is the popularity and the constant being ‘in news’ for some reason or the other – the latest being THE BREAKUP!


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Here’s what happened!

Phantom tanked and so did Tamasha, Bombay Velvet, Roy and Besharam (phew!). With their recent movies doing poorly at the box-office, a breakup rumor was probably something to put them back on tabloids. Rumor or not, the Entertainment sections are going nuts over the breakup.

Have they broken up? Is it just a fight? Are they still together? Did she meet Salman post breakup? Did he move out of the love nest? And then there’s the incessant Deepika angle!


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When History got repeated

How the hell can you forget the July 2013 Ibiza episode!? Bikini clad Katrina and Ranbir in a turquoise bermuda pants made headlines or I should say National news with their vacation rendezvous. Ibiza went onto have a lifetime of free publicity and might have become the holidayers paradise after this.

Ranbir Katrina Breakup

Now do you understand what m sayin’!?


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Learn a Lesson

Whatever happens, at the end of the day, you are going to go about your life as usual and unaffected by their relationship status. And they are going to bask in the glory of controversies and rumors which would gloriously mint millions for them. So, off you go and have a look at other post from our websites and don’t bother about The Ranbir Katrina Breakup!


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