The massive leak of the Panama papers has completely shaken the biggies of the world. Their dirty money secrets are out and they are running about with their tails between their legs. The law is picking them apart, piece by piece, and putting them in their correct places. The first victim to the leak was Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson. The rest are on their way.

11.5 million tax documents, exactly 2.6 terabytes of data, with 500 Indian names on the list of defaulters has managed to create quite a row. Even bigshots like Messi, Putin, the Bachchans, and many more are involved!


Panama papers explained

You have been reading about the leak for quite some time on the internet but what the hell is it really!? With all the news websites and publications using tough technical words, it is really difficult to understand this tax tornado of a scam, but worry not! We told you earlier about the scandal and now it will get even simpler for you to understand.

Redditor DanGliesack has covered it for ya! The Panama papers explained such that even a toddler would get it, and here it is!

It has been said that Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad used the Panama law firm,┬áMossack Fonseca, to fund the war. We wonder what other disasters have been funded by the Panama papers’ dirty money. The people have been cheated over and over again. Many are disappointed by seeing their idols on the scam list. Only time can tell who all will survive the penalty axe.