This series of five questions will reveal the most intimate details about the person who answers them. So, if you wanna know something about the girl/guy you have just met or about your date, then ask them these 5 very simple questions. There are no write answers. Try them on yourself first. let’s play the Cube Game.

There are NO PICTURES for a reason!

Imagine a desert. Look as far as you can in your mind’s eye and imagine a Desert with sand dunes and winds blowing across them. Think about it in detail.

As you walk through the desert, you come across a Cube. Yes, a cube in a desert (I never said it was a normal, usual desert!). Describe it well – the size, the material with which it is made, the colour, the position etc.

The second thing you see is a Ladder. Where is it? How is it related to the cube? What is it made of? How big/small is it? How many steps are there?

Now, there is a Horse in the scene (not a camel!). Describe the horse. What is the horse doing? Where is it? Is it standing/sitting? Which way is it going to/coming from? How is it related to the cube and/or ladder?

What if I say there are Flowers too? Go on, describe them too. Where are they? What color are they? How many are they? How are they related to the rest?

Lastly, there is a Storm. Is it approaching or receding? How does it affect the rest?

If you have been answering along then the next part¬†is going to be fun. If not then go back. Don’t ruin it. Because once you read the next part, you won’t be able to erase it from your mind and make it right. Please don’t spoil it for yourself and if you have answered it then let’s go…

The Cube is you. The size shows confidence. Bigger the size, more your confidence which may go on to be your ego. A solid cube depicts hardened resolve and determination. A transparent one shows clear and lucid personality. Also, the position plays a great role. Placed on the ground or high up in the sky shows how grounded a person is.

The Ladder is your friends. Is it leaning on the cube then? It means you are close and dependent on each other. Is it taking you inside the cube or out of it? Is it flimsy and weak or solid?

The Horse, my friend is you dream partner; the one you desire. The way you described the horse shows what you want in a partner. Was is the black brown or white? Did it have flowing hair or a robust body or both? Is the horse close to the cube or far away? If close then what is it doing with the cube?

The Flowers are you children. How many flowers did you see? Were they adorned around the cube or separate? How was the horse with the flowers?

And now for the Storm. It is your present situation. The storm shows how you life is right now and the threats you are facing, if any. Was it far away or very close to the cube? How did it affect the rest? What kind was it? Dust storm or hail storm?

So how did you do in the game? Happy? Worried? Wondering if it is true? No, it isn’t! It may not work for everyone because there was one woman whose horse ate her flowers. Now what does that mean!?

But these questions do stand some credibility. A human, most of the time, relates an abstract object (cube) to themselves when describing it. We also treat animals with love and care and most of all to plants and flowers.

This game is much more illustrious and is derived from a book by Annie Gottlieb called Secrets of the Cube.