What was it that you remember doing when you were in your diapers? Probably throwing up here and there, pooping here and there, or breaking into tears at the drop of a hat. You certainly weren’t bothered about much in the world, were you? Well, kids are certainly known for being energetic and hyperactive, but these guys take that to a whole new level.

strongest kids in the world

Giuliano Stroe & Claudiu Stroe

These two brothers from Romania are known for pulling off amazing feats like balancing push ups on two glass bottles at the age of 9 and 7 respectively, even performing the human flag stance for over a minute and a half!

strongest kids in the world

Richard Sandrak

With less than one percent body fat thanks to his intense workout regimen of 600 push – ups and 300 squats a day, the “Boy Hercules” used to bench press around 180 pounds since the age of 6!

strongest kids in the world

Yang Jinlong

At 7 years old and weighing 110 pounds, Yang is certainly heavy for his age, but he also possesses incredible strength, and was able to pull his family’s minivan till a considerable distance at that age! He can even carry his father on his back who weighs more than twice his own body weight!

Picture Source  strongest kids in the world

Maryana Naumova

At only 15, this Russian teenaged powerlifter competed in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, bench pressing an astounding 331 pounds! She currently holds the title of The Strongest Teenaged Girl in The World!

Cj Senter

Known as “The workout kid” Cj rose to fame with a workout video aimed at kids who wanted to get in shape from a young age, in his case, from age 5! You don’t wanna mess with this 6-pack sporting kid in the playground!

Picture Source  strongest kids in the world

Jake Schellenschlager

Working towards his goal of becoming one of the strongest kids in the world since 12, Jake entered a weightlifting competition in Pennsylvania at 14, squatting 225 lbs, bench pressing 205 lbs and deadlifting a record-breaking 300 lbs!

Picture Source  strongest kids in the world

Naomi Kutin

At 10 years old, Naomi squatted an astounding 215 pounds, more than twice her own bodyweight, breaking a record previously held by someone four times her age! This superhuman teenager is called “Supergirl” by her friends and family!

Picture Source  strongest kids in the world

Varvara Akulova

Featured in The Guinness Book of World Records, Varvara is known as the Strongest Girl in The World! Lifting weights since age 4, she set the Guinness World Record at age 10, lifting 220 lbs of weight, and going on to break that herself at 14, lifting an incredible 660 lbs!

Picture Source  strongest kids in the world

Certainly makes you feel self-conscious about your once-upon-a-time gymming goals, don’t they? Don’t even remember when the dream of a 6-pack turned into a family pack, eh?

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