Little did final-year students Krupa Varghese, Asmita Ghosh and Anukripa Elango know that their college project would become such an internet rave!

These three IITians made a parody of singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s song, ‘Call Me Maybe’ for a college competition called Sir Mix-A-Lot parody contest. They named it Be our Pondati! Pondati in Tamil means wife and in this video the girls enacted a quintessential Indian matrimonial ad. spoof of Indian matrimonial ad by IIT students

The girls took a dig at the matrimonial ads we see in dailies that look for “tall, thin and fair” girls as well as portray the guy as a perfect catch! The video received a lot of appreciation for the honest depiction and ofcourse, Varghese’s expressions!

You gotta see it to know it! 😉

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