A sudden news shivered the spines of everyone when a water bottle containing a snake was served to none other than the Union Health Minister JP Nadda and the chief minister Dr. Raman Singh in a meeting at BJP Headquarters, Ekatma Parisar on Wednesday. The snake in water bottle was a  baby snake that is said to have wriggled in it and was fortunately noticed by a lady doctor, the moment she tried to have a sip. She was a part of Dr. Raman Singh’s medical team, says Zee News. And guess who could be the owner of the company? He is Syed Shafiq Aman, whose father Syed Ali Aman is BJP’s Raipur District Minority cell’s Vice president. According to The Times of India, the owner of the mineral water company ‘Aman Aqua’, Sir Syed Shafiq Aman reports the incident as a conspiracy against the company. Nearly 20 boxes of mineral water were ordered for the meeting.

BJP Nadda

J. P. Nadda


Dr. Raman Singh

Leaders gathered there in order to discuss the Pradhan Mantri’s Maudrik yojana as preplanned by the party. Following the day of the embarrassing incident on the 10th of September, a thorough check was ordered by the BJP government on all the mineral water bottles across the states. The ministers got a nasty surprise! They are pinning it on conspirators. This could be an unfortunate incident, a rude prank or a deliberate message to bring to light the current situation of Health and Hygiene. What do you think?