Racial discrimination seemed to have crossed all its limits with the passage of time proving to be the most horrifying concept worldwide. Though Osama Bin Laden has been dead for four years now, racial discrimination appears to be a never-ending story for the people of US.

It is not long back when Parampal Singh Ghai and his father visited a famous restaurant in the country in order to have dinner. Visiting Nathan’s point in Maryland, they had no idea of what they will have to face soon! This story is a perfect example of prejudices against the Sikh community that US holds, have surprised us and moved us thoroughly.



Parampal’s father



The shocking thing happened while they were waiting for their dinner to arrive. The restaurant people were calling out names of the customers by their names apart from Parampal’s when he noticed the receipt which had identified him as Osama instead of Parampal. Besides, when the doubts were cleared and Parampal met the employee, instead of begging an apology, he was made fun off along with the co-employees. With this shocking behaviour of the hotel stuff, he returned the food back to them after being extremely humiliated.

This has been a regular story for the Americans since the 9/11 attacks. Whoever Sikh would wear a religious turban and keep unshorn hair would be regarded as members of Al Qaeda terrorist network. Last year too, on the month of September, a person named Indrajit S.Mukherjee was attacked on his way to the grocery store in Chicago thinking him as “Bin Laden” and was asked to go back to his country.

Even school children have not been kept out of this! Reports say, about 67% of the youths from all over the world are subjected to this sort of physical and verbal harassment every year.

This is indeed sad and a shameful act on the part of the people of US who have failed to come out of the Sikh community prejudices as yet. 

Come on! Wake Up and open your eyes. It’s been four years we have bid a good-bye to Laden. They exist no more. The Sikhs will be Sikhs and they will follow the dress code of their religion! There is no wrong in it. We have no right to snatch freedom of religion from a person assuming him to be someone else!