This is the story of a sex fiend Johnathon Holmes  who was left battered and bruised by a woman after he tried to rape her in the Sheffield City Centre of UK. His image has been captured on CCTV of the multiplex where he was keeping an eye on women who were alone in the mall when he started following one of them at midnight before dragging her to the bushes with intentions to rape!



This was not all! He forced her and said, “You are going to enjoy this” and thrust his tongue inside her mouth!

Now, what is the most expected end in these cases? You must be thinking that the helpless woman who was all alone in the situation had nothing to do but be a victim?

Now here’s where we can boldly announce that women are no longer weak, mild and afraid! They are capable of facing critical situations if circumstances demand so.

The same happened here. She placed her car keys in her hand and started hitting him in his stomach, neck, eyes and started to scream!

The woman said to the court, “I believed without a doubt that this man was going to rape me.” She even said, “He won’t do anything like this to a woman again!”

Is this possible in India? Why are we so timid and helpless? Have we ever realised? A single voice today could be the voice of thousands for tomorrow! Why can’t we come ahead and face things, rather than tagged as a victim?

The immense courage that this UK woman has shown is expected from an Indian woman also. IF SHE CAN, YOU CAN! It’s high time when these defilers should learn a lesson too. Then only we can build a better India! A UK woman has set an example. So, why can’t we, as Indians?

The Delhi rape case would had never taken the course of a disaster if we had been more powerful and protesting! The 16th of December would had never been so horrifying in the Indian calendar!!!

Protests are always acceptable if we are strong enough. We can stop crime as well as teach a lesson to the accused as well! “A LESSON TO ONE CAN BE A LESSON TO THE ENTIRE NATION.”

Ms. Amy Earnshaw who was the defence lawyer of the accused said,”Holmes was completely drunk, out of character and had no reminiscence of the incident. He was sorry for his actions.”

Johnathon Holmes has been sentenced to four and half years of imprisonment in the early hours of the 1st of November.

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