While we were busy gushing over Leonardo DiCaprio finally bagging an Oscar and Priyanka Chopra’s stint at the 88th Academy Awards, there was another Indian who made quite a mark at the Oscars.

Sajan Skariya

Picture Source   Sajan Skariya

Sajan Skaria, who works for Pixar Animation Studios, was the Character Supervisor for the American animated film, ‘Inside Out’, which won the Best Animated Feature Film award at the Oscars on Monday.

Sajan Skariya

Picture Source  Sajan Skariya

The ex-Engineer from Kerala now joins the list of Oscar winners from India, including AR Rahman, Bhanu Athaiya, and Resul Pookutty. Apart from the immensely popular film, Skaria has also worked on several other extremely popular animation movies like Toy Story and Finding NemoSajan Skariya

Sajan Skariya

After graduating from The Regional Engineering College in Calicut, he had joined Siemens, but Cartoons had always been his childhood obsession. So one fine day, during an interaction with his German boss, who saw his work, everything changed. After seeing some of his drawings, his boss told him,   Sajan Skariya

Good work, you shouldn’t waste your time as an engineer.

That was the turning point for Skaria, who took the advice, and almost immediately quit his job, to apply for an MS in Animation at Texas A&M University. Now Sajan lives in the US with his wife and kids, and works at Pixar Animation Studios.

Skaria’s love for animation began way back when he broke his leg years ago, in Class 6. His parents used to leave the bedridden Skaria with blank sheets of paper, asking him to fill it with pictures to pass the time, since they had to go to work and couldn’t always keep him company. K. Skaria, his father said,

We never forced him to try any other profession. His boss’s word of praise encouraged him to pursue his dream.

Well, if this teaches us one thing, it’s that it’s never too late for anything, if you give it your everything. Dreams are just dreams until you make them a reality!

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