Now that Rimi Sen has been evicted, she can stop cribbing about the Bigg Boss house! Damn is she the luckiest of all the contestants. She was in the house, did no work at all and still managed to stay for so long. But that is not what makes her lucky.

All along her stay she kept complaining about Bigg Boss and all that happens there. She was extremely pissed off on being voted to stay in and vowed to hunt down all those who voted for her. Here are our most favourite Rimi one-liners from her Bigg Boss Season 9 crib-a-thon where all she happens to say is ‘HUMSE NA HO PAYEGA’!

The one with the Shock

“Mujhe laga Bigg Boss scripted hota hai and canteen se sabke liye khana ata hai. Kya idhar khana bhi banana padega?”



The one with Negativity

“Mujhe negative vibes kisise nehi aati sivaay Bigg Boss ke.”



The one with Wisdom

“2-second main samaj gayi I don’t belong here.”


The one with the Disgust

“Mujhe Aisa laga thoda sa scripted hoga! Aise kaise junglee jaise reh rahein hai sab?”



The one with the Scorn

“Kapde le lete hai, joote le lete hai, khana nehi dete, garam pani nehi dete. Kya, samaj ke kya rakha hai in logo nei?”


The one with the Jacuzzi

When Rimi looked at the Jacuzzi and said, “Yeh swimming pool itna Chhota?”


The one with the Mockery

“Brush Karte huye Bigg Boss ki awaz aati hai to lagta hai, kya hai be? Bhonko Bigg Boss!”



The one with the Curse

“Main Bigg Boss se yeh request karungi ke season 10 aapka kabhi start na ho. Kisiko itni mental trauma ho ki yeh show hi ban ho jaye.”



The one with Threat

“Jin logo ne mere liye vote kiya main personally jake unhe maarungi. Movie to hit nehi karaya, yeh sab kar rahe hai.”



The one with the Threat again!

“Main mere fans ko personally milke gaali dungi jin logo nei mere liye vote kiya.”


The one with the Advice

“Main sabko yeh kehna chahungi ki yeh show mein please mat jao, chahe tumhe jitne bhi paise mile. Kahin bhi jake paise kamalo but Bigg Boss ghar mein jake mat kamao!”



With all the contempt and disgust, Rimi went on to be the star of the show. Viewers have enjoyed her negligent behaviour. Many from the Bigg Boss house have used tacts to garner attraction but Rimi has been extraordinary. And she won 2 crores for that!

Oh yes, you heard it right! She had charged 2 crores for the show and signed a contract according to which she will receive the amount only when she is evicted by Bigg Boss or by low votes. If she voluntarily leaves then 20% of the amount will be deducted. As we all know, Rimi got evicted due to low votes and went on to win the whole amount. And guess what? Even the winner of Bigg Boss gets less than 2 crores. Who’s the boss now?

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