Since ages, India has been presenting us with talented and famous people who are expected to be at the top throughout their lives. However, the true stories behind these successes are far different. Many a times India has seen famous people who have been in the limelight for ages but lost the fame with time. Go through these riches to rags stories of Indians that will make you think and change your conception about these famous people. Take a Look..!

Actor A.K Hangal 

Though he was active in films since 1967, this man had to go through acute poverty at the age of 97. While in films, he had played roles of father, grandfather, and uncle. Even when he was suffering from illness before he passed away, it was hard to pay for the medicines.


Actor Bhagwan Dada

Once who was known as the owner of thousand cars and bungalows, started living in a dirty chawl in his bad times. In his early life, he used to work as a labour until he would get some small roles in silent films. No one was there beside him when he lost everything. Besides, after few of his films failed to make success in the industry, he was bashed from the Bollywood. He was famous for his community film ‘Albela.’


Actor Bharat Bhusan

Since the actor failed to save much during the peak of his career, he was left with nothing when films stopped coming. Besides, rumours reveal that his affair with the actress Mina Kumari led to his downfall. He had been working as a watchman as well as played small roles on TV to fill his pocket.


Achala Sachdev

Once being one of the famous actresses of Indian cinema, suffered a painful death when she was left with nothing. Both her son and daughter had abandoned her. There was even no one to take care of her in the hospital. After her husband Clifford Douglas passed away in the year 2002, she was left absolutely lonely. Everyone must have seen her making her appearances in the film ‘Waqt’ for the famous song ‘Ae Meri Zohra Zabeen.’ 


Photographer Jagdish Mali

This famous photographer from Bollywood had to sell off his studio while going through immense hard times. He even got addicted to alcohol. Recently, Jagdish was spotted on the streets of Andheri without clothes in haggard condition.


Actor Raj Kiran

Since the time Kiran was admitted to the mental asylum, Bollywood abandoned him. There was no one to look for him once he was missing from the industry. One day he was spotted in a very poor condition by his co-actor Rishi Kapoor, in the US. Report say that the actor’s wife was cheating on him that led to his depression.


Actress Mandakini

Supposed connection with don Dawood Ibrahim led to the miserable condition of the actress. It is said that Dawood Ibrahim often pressurised the industry to cast her in big films, which eventually shunned her from Bollywood. She earned name and fame to an extent for giving hits like Raam Teri Ganga Maili and Jungbaaz.


Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi was left ignored by the industry long before. Being one of the bold and beautiful actresses of those times, Parveen Babi had changed the image of Bollywood with hits like Namak Halal, Deewar, Amar Akbar Antony as well as Shaan. However, her tragic death shunned people like anything. Even at the time of her death, the body of her’s was left unattended for about two days when Mahesh Bhatt and Ashok Panit offered to perform her last rites. Report say that she died in her Mumbai flat on the 22nd of January 2005, due to gangrene from diabetics.


Actress Vimi

Though she was married to a high-profile businessman, Shiv Agarwal, she was neglected by her husband as soon as she started to achieve popularity. This was however, affecting her career adversely which finally led to the loss of stardom because of bad rapport with her husband. Eventually, she became alcoholic and breathed her last on 22nd August 1977.


Vijay Mallya, Owner of Kingfisher Airlines

With the collapse of Kingfisher Airlines, this figure is getting collapsed from the minds of people. His unlimited greed and ill-acquisition has led to his downfall. He could only recover 6Cr. out of the 7000 Cr. that he had invested in Kingfisher.


Guys this article thus, must have changed your views about great people. They were indeed famous at some point of time, however, lost the same with their misfortunes!

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