Gone are the days and gone are the screw-ups, but we miss them nonetheless. College was the time when you had your newly acquired freedom and completely freaked out about it! Not knowing what to do with it, you messed it up a million times. From hook-ups to hangouts, college days will always be the most amazing of all! Here’s why…

Study Load

No doubt a certain jump from school to college does have an effect but the load of studies was unimaginable. If your wasn’t the school that prepared you for the outer world, then my condolences are with you. But then all of us got accustomed to the sheets of notes which were copied everyday and never studied. Oh the money we would have saved!



Bunking Classes

Been there done that. From the most studious to the most vella, everyone has bunked atleast one or more lecture. Uh huh, no use shaking your head. I know you did it too! Aal izz well machcha…



Partying with friends

Late night dorm parties because mischief was just round the corner. You don’t exactly remember what happened because you were drowned in booze or maybe it was just too embarrassing to remember. It’s the later, isn’t it?



Night before exams

Huh! Notes copied but never studied and then there are those classes that you bunked. Messed it up didn’t you? Well, you realise it just when the exams are hovering over your head like a Dementor – Sucking the life out of you!



Playing prank at others




Multiple Love Life

Not all our college romances turned out like Rahul and Anjali. Many of us screwed up, multiple times. And then we went on to be the serial dater coz what the hell!



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