Out of more than 200,000 applicants, 100 qualified for what was called ‘the world’s toughest interview’ and are being prepared by MarsOne for their 2025 one-way trip to Mars. Out of them, 20 lucky candidates¬†will be selected for the reality TV show on Mars. The production company behind the reality show Big Brother (Hollywood equivalent of Bigg Boss), Endemol declared that they will be recording the entire selection and training process. They will also be documenting their new livelihood on Mars. Later on Endemol suspended the plan and it had now been taken up by a new production company. MarOne has refused to give any details regarding it. This mission has a total budget of $6 millions which has been covered upto $760,000. The training program run by a team of the world’s most talented scientists and astronauts will be recorded in full zeal and broadcasted similarly. The Mars experience will be highlights and ‘the most exciting story of all time’, says Bas Lansdorp, co-founder and CEO of MarsOne to Mail Online.

Watch the video to know why people want to go on Mars.

Courtesy: Mail Online