He was fat, mischevious and a bully. School was his life! Ranveer Singh bares his soul and his shirt at his School’s Annual day where he was invited as the Chief Guest.

Learners’ Academy’s Annual day on January 21 saw Ranveer Singh in his ever-zesty self. He hugged the teachers and staff whom, by the way, he remembers by name.

He said,

“I was here for the entire duration of my schooling years – 15 years – I passed out of here as the head boy. I was always the performer and always in the popular bunch.”


He further reveals,

“I used to be a bully, I used to be fat, very mischievous. School used to be my life. I used to perform in plays and dances, and this is where I got the experience that perhaps I could be a performer.”



He interacted with everyone personally and clicked a lots of pictures, especially selfies. He touched feets and sought blessings from elders which made the Bajirao-Mastani star very emotional.


In the spur of the moment, Ranveer took off his sweatshirt to reveal, and you will be surprised, his school uniform!


It was filled with messages from his passing out batch. It was what he wore on the last day of his school; wonder how it still fits him!

Ranveer said,

“This is my school shirt, which I have preserved well… This is one of my most prized possessions and so I thought it’d be a wonderful thing to wear it today.”


If you look close then you can probably make out some of the messages.



The star was honoured and he was all smiles to have returned to his school and received such love and affection.


Remember, how school was for you? Well, it’s the same for Ranveer! We wish him all the best for his upcoming movies and a lovely life ahead!

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