This is not just an Indian tourist being amazed by the Niagara Falls. This is Rajiv Nema Indori of the ‘Thelewaale Babu’ fame, doing what he does best – SIT DOWN COMEDY!!!

Niagara Falls Indian tourist

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The United States and Canada share three massive waterfalls at their border and there is one Indian man who has described his ‘Niagara Falls’ experience with utter excitement.

Rajiv Nema came into the trending news with his version of ‘DJ waale Babu’. He took the popular song by Badshah and created ‘Thelewaale Babu mujhe Poha khila de’. You should watch out for his Indori swag!

Rajiv’s Youtube Channel‘s bio reads this

Comedy & Entertainment. In May 2009 I started doing “sit-down” style comedy [as opposed to stand-up] where I speak in Indore style (mini-Bombay/Mumbai of Madhya Pradesh, India). And, as they say, the rest is history.

Originally from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Rajiv Nema resides in San Francisco Bay and is popular for his Indori style videos. He is an absolute Desi at heart and we love it! You can’t miss the part where he takes out his towel to wipe his face in response to the Niagara Falls yellow raincoats (read Barsaati!). Also, the zip lock packet with Sev Parmal will give you the ultimate Desi Goals! Niagara Falls Indian tourist Niagara Falls Indian tourist

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