Radhika Apte is all things sexy put together. Time and again she has proved that the girl-next-door is the one you want. But Radhika Apte is way out of your league!

With eyes that could pierce through your soul, Apte has portrayed one of the most poignant roles in Hindi cinema. You have hardly seen her doused in make-up or glamourous outfits. Radhika Apte is the common woman with an absolutely extraordinary charisma. Be it Sapna in Shor in the City or Tripti in Hunterr or Phaguniya in Maanjhi, she has given new meanings to being simple and raw. Radhika Apte debut movie

radhika apte debut movie

But I think Radhika Apte has excelled more with her short films. The seductress in Ahalya or the subdued fighter in That Day After Everyday, both depicted how much command Radhika Apte had over the viewers’ heart in a short span of time. But how did she dawn on to becoming the intellectuals’ pin-up girl? How well do we know Radhika Apte?

Yes, she is pretty and intimidating to a certain extent but do you know about her struggle and how she was as a beginner? If you thought she debuted with Shor in the City, YOU ARE WRONG!

Radhika apte debuted with Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao! And the movie was Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!

Radhika Apte debut movie Radhika Apte debut movie

For those who have watched the movie, you must have completely missed Radhika, didn’t you?!

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