Like number 1, Like number 2, … Like number 354!

Popular guys and girls on Facebook or Instagram can definitely relate to this, every time they upload a new picture! Ah, the joy of being admired on social media. We’ve all been guilty of it, at some point or another, living in the Internet millennium!

Push notifications from 8 million followers

Picture Source Push notifications from 8 million followers

Now instead of your desktop, what happens when you view these on your phone? I don’t know about you, but whenever there’s a facebook thread which is going on and on for a while, the constant barrage of notifications on my phone, going “ting!” every second gets real annoying, real fast, usually prompting me to switch off the notifications.

Push notifications from 8 million followers

Now imagine you have an immensely popular Instagram account, with loads and loads of followers. And, you have switched on the push notifications feature. Can you even imagine the nightmare those relentless notifications on your screen are gonna present you with?

Well, Demy De Zeeuw runs a super popular football-based Instagram account, 433, and he shared a slight taste of the Internet fame with us. With over 8 million followers, 433’s photos and videos usually get over 200,000 likes daily! Now check out what it looks like, when the Push notifications feature is switched on, on his phone! Push notifications from 8 million followers

Let this be a lesson to you popular folk, unless you want your phone or head to explode, do not switch on the push notifications on your phone!

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