This is a story of a 14-year-old-girl from Santa Fe Province, Argentina, who was buried alive by her boyfriend Manuel Mansilla, since she was pregnant. This raised sparks of protest when the incident came into the light of Argentina. The girl named Chiara Paez was allegedly beaten by her boyfriend and later buried under the patio in her boyfriend’s house.


She was a family loving, vibrant girl and was very close to his parents. She was also good at sports and the defence player of her school’s hockey team.


The investigation started when Chiara got missing on the 10th of May at about 1:30 pm. While she was supposed to be in the school premises, she wasn’t there! Local police used their dogs to search for her as well as posted her picture over all the social media sites for anyone to help provide her information. She was found under a patio in her boyfriend’s Manuel’s house. She was buried alive. Her blood samples showed signs of drugs used for abortion. She was eight-weeks pregnant.

Manuel Mansilla, Chiara’s boyfriend has confessed of having beaten her and allegedly murdered her by burying her alive inside the compound of his house.

“She was a physically matured girl with a height of 5’6” inch and weight of 70kg. Therefore, it is not possible that Manuel, her boyfriend alone has done this”, says the girl’s father. Besides, she was a hockey player too. Therefore, an eye of suspicion also rests with the parents of the boy.


With this incident, the entire nation is enraged with protest to enforce laws for the protection of women and therefore, put an end to the gender violence. Pregnant girl beaten to death  and buried alive shook the country. Post Mortem report confirms that she had died of head and face injury caused to her by the beatings of her boyfriend, on the 11th of May.

The report says Manuel has been charged of femicide, forced abortion, and alleged murder. More than 200,000 demonstrators gather to raise the protest with the slogans, machismo kills, and enough deaths. 14 year Old Girl Pregnancy Buried Her Alive.!

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