5-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi had no idea that the internet world is going to turn into his fans and rightly so. Little Murtaza lives with his family in a small Afghanistan town named Jaghori in the Ghazni province.

The kid has won over hearts with his plastic Messi jersey made by his brother Humayon with Messi’s name and the number 10 written on with a marker pen.


Mohammad Arif Ahmadi, the father said,

He asked me to buy him a Messi jersey but I am a farmer and could not afford it. He kept crying for days asking for the shirt until his brother Hamayon helped him make one from the plastic bag to make him happy.

It was when the brother posted pictures of Murtaza on Facebook that all the craze occurred. People have been talking about it and trying to identify the boy until Murtaza’s uncle, Azim Ahmadi connected the dots.

Murtaza adores Messi and talked to AFP,

I love Messi, he plays well, the shirt was made by my brother and I liked it very much. We do not have a football playground near our house and the only ball I have is punctured.

Father Ahmadi has high hoped for his son. In talks with AFP he said,

He loves football and Messi and wants to meet Lionel Messi in person one day.

And as if God heard the man’s appeal and granted his wish. Messi is in talks with the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) to meet up with his number one fan, Murtaza.


A representative of the AFF, Syed Ali Kazemi said to EFE that the management received emails from Messi and FC Barcelona and things are looking up. The AFF website also confirms the news.

We hope the meeting happens soon and we all get to witness a dream come true. Murtaza says,

I want to be like Messi, when I grow up.

And so does his father,

I want my son to become a good football player in the future and become the Messi of Afghanistan.

We wish and we hope that Murtaza has a bright future and grows up to be as talented and famous as Messi. Most importantly, we hope his dreams and that heart-melting smile never fade away.


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