Heard of The White House? Home to the most powerful man in the world, and the boss of international agencies like the CIA, NSA, and DARPA, The President Of The United States, yadda yadda yadda? Guess what? Its Wi-Fi connection is probably even worse than yours!! I kid you not.


White House
White House

During an interview with CBS News Reporter Gayle King, prior to the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7th, President Barack Obama said:    White House

“The whole tech thing, we’ve been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks, because it is an old building, and so there’s a lot of dead spots where Wi-Fi doesn’t work”

The President also said that his daughters Sasha and Malia weren’t thrilled with the connection either. Wife Michelle Obama backed him up, saying:    White House

“It can be a little sketchy. The girls are just irritated by it sometimes.”

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama said that they are quite determined to fix the poor Wi-Fi condition before they leave 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the official office and, residence of the president of the United States, next year.

White House

Picture Source  White House

So it seems like even being the leader of the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world doesn’t make you immune to everyday nuisances like crappy Wi-Fi! Kinda hard to believe, right? Then again, The White House IS huge, and would probably swallow up your, mine, and 5 other people’s homes as well! So that might explain it.  White House

White House


Maybe Obama could try setting up shop in Kolkata, or London, rather, as it’s now known. He’d be able to enjoy all the free Wi-Fi he needs, courtesy of our benevolent Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee!! Just a thought! I’m sure he’d love to experience meeting her!  White House

Your own Wi-Fi connection doesn’t seem so bad anymore now, does it?
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