The President of the United States of America has lucky charms and carries them in his pocket. One of them is a Hindu God.
In an interview with Youtube Video Blogger, Ingrid Nilsen, Obama revealed the things he carries in his pockets and they happen to be his lucky charms. A bracelet of a soldier deployed in Iraq, a tiny Madonna and child, a poker chip from a biker in Iowa, rosary beads from Pope Francis, a little Buddha from a monk, a Coptic cross from Ethiopia & HANUMAN.
Obama lucky charm Hanuman
Hanuman is a Hindu God also known as Sankat Mochan or Remover of Distress. He is the reincarnation of Lord Shiva and His Chalisa is very popular among devotees. A chalisa is a 40 stanza hymn dedicated to a deity.
But what made Barack Obama have a statuette of Hanuman as his lucky charm? Some believe that he spent some initial days of his life at Indonesia with his parents and Hinduism is a popular religion there. Thus, young Obama might have come in contact with Him. Others say that the statuette was gifted to him by a lady who is unknown.
Usually, Hanuman is seen with two arms and carries a mace (Gada). Here, you can see that the Lord has four arms, a Trishul and a Chakra, which is prominent in some regions of Southeast Asia, such as Thailand.
Obama lucky charm Hanuman
Communications and Information technology minister of India Ravi Shankar Prasad went onto to confirm this on twitter itself. Check out his tweet on Obama’s lucky charm.

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