Doctors Save Syrian Baby After Shrapnel Hits MotherA Syrian mother was hit with shrapnel, leaving her pregnancy in doubt. That’s when the doctors stepped in.

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, September 18, 2015


Syria has been floating in your news feed for months. You have been reading about people dying in millions. Men, women and children are being devastated by the state of war. Infants are dying in the sea. Thousands of people are homeless and jobless. Women giving birth in these conditions and babies being born with bombs lodged in their faces. Yes! A Syrian baby was born with a shrapnel (piece of bomb) stuck in her forehead.


Picture courtesy: Independent

The newborn is named Amel or Hope as she survived her first days in Aleppo. Babies come into the world with moles. Amel’s birthmark was a bloody piece of War!

On September 18, an airstrike damaged several residences in Aleppo including one where a woman named Amira lived with her children. Amira was nine months pregnant. All of them somehow arrived at the Mashfa al Midani hospital bleeding excessively. Amira was bleeding from her belly. Fearing the worst, doctors decided on an emergency surgery. They were shocked when they delivered the baby with a shrapnel digging in the forehead which luckily missed her left eye. The piece of the missile from the airstrike had penetrated Amira’s womb and hit Amel.


“We don’t know if the baby girl saved her mother from this shrapnel or the mother saved her baby, but we all know that both of them could have died” a doctor told CNN.

“God is greater than Bashar” said the surgeon referring to the Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad.

If you thought than only the living ones are the sufferers then think about it once again. Amel wasn’t even born when she was hit by the missile! How do you think she will survive the Syrian war in future? How do you think Amira will protect her children from this menace?

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