The New York girl Nisha Kapashi was born and brought up quite lavishly by her parents. At the age of 23, she was living a perfect life that most girls of her age would have aspired for. World’s top ten fashion brands were there in her closet with a set of high-end footwear brands! A life of absolute luxury by a handful of branded clothes and Gucci bags. Fresh out from college, Nisha joined the Fashion Institute of Technology. She had even managed to have a high paying job at J.Crew, which she left for the sake of becoming a Jain. While trying hard to aspire her dreams in the fashion industry, somehow she was not happy and contented. So what peace and contentment was she looking for?

A sudden realisation comes to Nisha. She feels the fashion world is not for her! For hours, she had to cultivate ways to attract the audiences. This was so stiffling! The more she was trying to get into fashion, more lonely and departed she started to feel. This was definitely not the kind the kind of life she wanted. She always missed something. While developing ways to give a new meaning to her life, she questioned herself, “How do I feel Complete? How do I lead a more meaningful life? How do I get inner peace and happiness?”

Simplicity and devotion   was the solution. She started moving around as a simple woman not caring about her looks or makeup. Later in her life she joined a group named Jiva, a Jain centre of America in Queens. Here she found overwhelming peace. She resigned from her two-year-old job, entertainment of her social media sites to regain her new form in a much simpler attire as a Jain.


Nisha, who was born in 1984, in Poughkeepsie, belongs from a family that held religious values and believed in the teachings of Mahavira. From then itself she had attachments with religious values. Finally, Diksha was on the only option she could see in front of her eyes.

Nisha Kapashi is the first New York fashionista nun to take a Diksha at the age of 27. The famous ceremony of Diksha took place on the 18th of January 2015, in a public place like a marriage ceremony. She was transformed having shed all aspects of ego, donned white and joined the Jain monastic order. The girl who was once seen walking down the streets in her branded clothes few months ago  is now spotted barefoot. Instead of spending time in office for hours, she now spends her time chanting mantras. A new identity was created of Nisha as a Jain Sadhvi in Jharkhand, India. As she walked by the podium, the slogan followed, “ Diksharthi, amar raho” (long live the initiatee). As per custom, three strands of Nisha’s hair has been plucked off, and the rest shaved. The New York fashionista turns Jain.


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