Wonder why we get pissed off with you pretty often? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of the things you say. Sometimes it’s what you say and sometimes it’s the way you say it. Well, since you prefer to be surrounded with such wonderful beings, you got to understand certain things about their feelings. This will help you relation to prosper, strengthen the bond and save you from a lotta crap!

Don’t you think you look fat in this dress?

We girls usually hold a lot of expectation from you guys. Do not let us down! We love to take you for shopping and expect you to give us some sweet inputs. Calling us fat in the dress we just selected is not a good idea!



My friends do not like you that much.

Listen you guys! It’s our decision that we are there together today. Do not bring your friends in between. We neither like to know what your friends think of us nor do we care!



Oh she is just a friend!

We like you to be with us only. We do not want to know what you are for some other girl. It is because we trust you. However, when you say, “she is just a friend” arouses our suspicion even though we were not previously!



She is so hot.

This is a big NO! Do never praise some other girl in front of us. We feel like murdering both of you! Don’t you think its very natural to get jealous when you say, “she is so hot?”  By the way, how would you feel if we say the same thing about some other guy?



Why do you girls put on so much makeup?

When you do not understand something, please do not comment. We do have confidence in ourselves. It’s not that we put on makeup only to impress you. But for the fact that we want to look beautiful. So just…



O sorry. I did not listen. Can you repeat it once again?

This is not done! When we can skip all other work and find time to talk to you, can’t you be a little patient and listen to us? When we can tolerate your shit, you should also be able to bear with us too! It would be nice if you paid a bit of attention, though…



I don’t like your friends.

We love to hang out with friends just as you do. Even if you do not like our gathering, do not be so blunt. This puts us off!



You are an emotional fool.

You better not call us by this name! Emotions are a part of every creature on Earth. Try and comfort us if you can’t do anything else because at times…



My ex-girlfriend was not like this.

We are seriously not interested in how your ex-girlfriend was! If you like her so much, please get back to her rather than boring us with your relationship details.



I will be late tonight

Whether you will be late or not you need not say that repeatedly. This will make us sad and frustrated if we had previous plans with you, especially shopping or going for a long drive, the same day!



Who were you busy talking over the phone?

What happens when we ask you the same thing? You feel irritated and hardly answer! If you claim yourself to be trustworthy, so do we. Have faith on us or else…


So, do you guys realise now or do we need to explain more? Take a lesson from this and move on.

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