So the leader of ISIS, Abubakr Al Baghdadi released an audio asking all the Muslims of the world to unite with the terrorist organisation and support them against USA. However, Muslims had something else in mind. They trolled ISIS on twitter!

Iyad El Baghdadi, an Arab spring activist, posted a link to the audio message as well as translated the audio and tweeted.


The trolling started when Muslims took this message in a hilarious manner and turned it into mockery. Check out some gems of tweets from Muslims all over the world.


And then there was the Star Wars fever running high!

Not to miss out on some good Game of Thrones episodes…

And some Life goals, eh?

Lastly, the Muslim is waking up, run along!      

Through these funny tweets, these people have shown ISIS that Islam does not stand with them. They will not be radicalised by the terrorist organisation and will maintain their stand on humanity.

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