If you’ve been keeping up with the American Presidential Elections, you’re pretty well aware of the numerous debates, concerns, and thoughts about whether Donald Trump will end up winning and becoming the next President of The USA. The ostentatious businessman has frequently been in the news frequently for his loud, insensitive and sexist remarks, ranging from moderately annoying to utterly obnoxious. However, at the moment, Trump is still in the lead, with promises of “making America great again” seemingly winning him a lot more popularity than was anticipated.

Picture Source Mumbai police gets Donald Trump fan-mail

In the middle of all this, The police force of Mumbai, in our very own country has received a particularly amusing email containing vivid details and points about how Trump becoming the President of the United States is currently, the need of the hour’ for the entire world!

Picture Source Mumbai police gets Donald Trump fan-mail

The letter reached the Mumbai Police’s official email ID a few weeks back, in which the sender, identifying himself by a single name, listed all the reasons because of which, in his opinion, Trump would be the best man for the job, leaving the senior Mumbai Police officers singularly bewildered. The letter especially focused on the issue of the ISIS threat, and how Trump would be best equipped to deal with them:

As the world is dealing with the issue of Islamic State (IS), only Trump has the requisite leadership and foresight to deal with the menace.

The Mumbai Police receive over a 1000 emails daily, most of which usually go unnoticed. However, the presence of the word “IS” in this mail caught the attention of senior officers, having been red-flagged for junior police who sift through the mail. Explaining how they filter the emails, a Mumbai Police officer said that each and every email is scanned using calculated and pre-determined flashwords, and if/whenever an email happens to contain any of these flashwords, a hard copy printout of the email is immediately sent to senior officers so that they can take the necessary action on it.

This is not the first time we received such irrelevant emails. Many people send emails on matters that don’t concern the police force at all or on issues we have no jurisdiction on. While we have a filtering system and only those emails that have passed through for some reason make it to us, sometimes these too are on issues that don’t concern us.

Apart from prank emails, having a dedicated helpline number also causes quite a few other problems for the Mumbai cops, with overenthusiastic citizens flooding their inbox with “Good Morning” and “Thought of The Day” messages on WhatsApp. Their solution is to simply ignore and screen out these messages, as blocking them can have a negative impact, in turn.

Picture Source Mumbai police gets Donald Trump fan-mail

The printout of the unsolicited advice on the benefits of Trump becoming the US President, while discussing important global issues, was completely irrelevant and misdirected, and thus, has appropriately found its way to the dustbin in the office of a senior Mumbai Police officer.

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