Ever since Mahendra Singh Dhoni came charging into Indian cricket, with his long, flowing locks, and swashbuckling, hard-hitting playing style, he has managed to create an unimaginable impact on the Indian cricket team, and all of us!

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The more he played, not only did his hairstyles change, so did his playing acumen. From being known for his “Helicopter Shot”, to leading India to victory repeatedly, to becoming one of the most successful Indian cricket captains ever, it’s been an extremely awe-inspiring journey for Mahi.

ms dhoni quotes

Here are some of the best quotes by Captain Cool, that prove why he is who he is:

1. After India’s defeat in the match versus South Africa, everyone blamed Dhoni for the loss. They even said the finisher was done. This is how he replied.

ms dhoni quotes

2. Captain Cool is the name he was given because of his impressive ability seems to cope with pressure. Here’s how he looks at handling the hopes of an entire country of over 1.2 billion people.

3. Always focused on the task at hand, Dhoni’s first child, Ziva, was born just a week before the World Cup started. On being asked if that was playing on his mind, this is what he said.

ms dhoni quotes

4. That indomitable spirit is yet another reason he never gives up. Halfway through a series, he was asked if India had been beaten already. He stayed true to this reply that he gave.

5. One of the biggest reasons for his success as a captain is his ability to understand each and every individual in the team, and treat them accordingly.

ms dhoni quotes

6. Being more open minded than the majority of people in the country, he understands that not evryone looks at life the way he does, and he accepts and respects that.

7. Its not just his bond with his boys that’s in perfect sync, same goes for the woman in his life as well. Being in charge of the toughest job in world cricket, he knows that having his personal life sorted is very crucial as well.

ms dhoni quotes

8. Not one to make make false promises either, Dhoni’s a straight shooter both on and off the field. He says it like it is.

9. On being asked about India’s tail failing yet again after a batting collapse, his response was ready.

ms dhoni quotes

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