Have you ever been so embarrassed that you wanted the Earth to suck you in? Those glaring eyes on you and your face going red with shame! Yeah, been there done that. Consider these shameful occasions as a reminder of those terrible times that you couldn’t avoid.

See your ex with a new partner

You suddenly see your ex with a new partner in the same restaurant where you are sitting with your new beau. Imagine the direct eye contact. The sudden shock makes you blue! Both you and your partner will feel awkward and don’t know what to say.


You accidentally enter while your parents are making love

You enter the room when parents are turned on and on their way to do it! As an kid it must have been some shocker. Like “mum and dad, you too!”


Littering on a shiny restaurant floor

You are sitting in a reputed restaurant amidst high-class people and bam! Suddenly a food plate falls from your hand on the floor. The floor is a mess and so are you.


Short of cash after purchase

You have made a large purchase when you find that you are short of cash! You don’t know what to do and stare stupidly. I am sure you would love to jump off the cliff than face the shame!


Food stuck on teeth

Why? Tell me why do you need to let others know what you had for dinner last night? Your glorious teeth come out with food stuck on it. Don’t smile please.


Fall in public

Walking down the street in your oh-so-cool swag, all of which goes in vain when you fall down with thousands of people staring at you! Life seems to have come to an end.


Smelly you. Ew!

You are in the classroom or in a movie hall and someone farts! You are left with nothing but to smell that while everyone thinks you are responsible! The horror of an irresponsible fart!


The awkward ringtone in public

Public transport, congested and stuffy when the phone rings too loud. That too with the most awkward ringtone. Oh the looks you get as if you are some kind of alien.


Stomach call

The stomach is something that will always look for an opportunity to embarrass you when the world is completely silent. No matter how much you try to control, it is sure to make noises when you are in the midst of something quiet.


Lonely room secret

Practicing your daily routine of crazy dance moves and then someone comes along absolutely uninvited. “Was it a paralysis attack or something”, they wonder!


Oh so now it seems very funny! You have been there and saw many others in the exact same situations but now its funny. Wait till it happens to you again!

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