The American actor and narrator Morgan Freeman was born on 1st of June 1937. He is the recipient of an Academy Award for his film Million Dollar Baby in 2004 and has also received many other accolades for his brilliant performances in the movies like Street Smart in 1987, The Shawshank Redemption in 1994, Invictus in 2009 and many more.

Check out these top movies of Morgan Freeman that has proved him to be a star in Hollywood. 

Street Smart(1987)

Morgan Freeman plays a pimp in this film, a police suspect and the most wanted. The movie fetched him a nomination in The Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor.



Morgan won Los Angeles Film Critics association award for best actor for this film in 1989. One of the best movies made about American Civil War, the movie attracted a huge attention of the audience of that time.



Morgan Freeman as  Ned Logan suffers from internal conflicts as he tends to make friends with one of the cowboys, named Will. However later he decides to give up the friendship in the cost of peace. This clearly evaluates his character in the film.


The Shawshank Redemption(1994)

The film talks about two imprisoned men who bonds over a number of years. The natural way of his acting  shown in this movie and the way he talks nominated him as the best supporting actor in 1994.



In this movie, Morgan Freeman plays the role of a detective who is in search of a serial killer, Kevin Spacey. Morgan was all set to trace the mastermind along with his assistant Brad Pitt, who is targeting people he thinks represent one of the seven deadly sins.


Nurse Betty (2000)

The film brings out his different side as an actor. Though his directors remember him for roles that demand kindliness and wisdom, he can be tough as well if his role says so! The movie is about a soap opera and its consequences depicts the same.


Million Dollar Baby(2004)

A woman is determined to become an expert professional in boxing works hard with her trainer. Million Dollar Baby won Morgan the Best Supporting Actor award in 2004. The way he portrayed Eddie Scrap-Iron won him Oscar.


Batman Begins(2005)

Morgan plays a key role in the birth of Christian Bale(Batman), who after getting trained from his master Liam Neeson was ready to set the Gotham City free from crime. The way Freeman masters himself as a technical expert in this film shows his talent.


Gone Baby Gone(2007)

The movie deals with the story of a private detective(Casey Affleck) who is in search of a kidnapped girl. During her search, she meets a law enforcing officer played by Freeman. He has done his best as a tough disapproving officer according to his character in this film.


The Bucket List(2007)

The comedy drama talks about two strangers who come together by fate to do something worthwhile before they die. The car mechanic, Carter Chambers played by Morgan Freeman is played incredibly. The film was ranked as one of the top ten films of the year by National Board of Review.


The Dark Knight(2008)

The film is based on Crime in Gotham City. One of the tremendous performances given by Morgan Freeman as Louis Fox in the movie and the wittiness he reveals depicts his strength as an actor.



The newly elected president Nelson Mandela(Morgan Freeman) sees that South Africa is suffering from racial and economic discrimination. The way he believes that he can reunite the country through the power of sports is what the movie shows him. The movie had won the NAACP Image award for outstanding actor in a motion picture.


Red (2010)

The film Red is an action comedy drama where Morgan Freeman plays the role of CIA undercover agent to unveil a conspiracy that threatens their lives. The Golden Globe Award For Best Motion Picture is a must watch!


The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

This is the continuation of Dark Knight in 2008 played by Morgan Freeman as Louis Fox. The rise of batman in power after 8 long years is what brings the era back.



In the film Lucy, Morgan Freeman plays the role of a neurologist who is supposed to help a girl(Lucy) suffering from super human abilities like telekinesis and telepathy. The film was one of the nominations of Academy of Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, USA Award in 2015.



Share these wishing Morgan Freeman a warm Happy Birthday with huge success ahead. Hope he will surprise us with more of his amazing talent as he has had always!